• Yoga by the Lake

Students' Comments

"A lovely, friendly class. First class instruction from a dedicated follower of yoga. You always leave feeling happier than when you arrived."
Jo, Winscombe

"Thanks for another great lesson. I can't believe the shoulder stand that you helped me with, it felt so comfortable when I was in the posture. It was quite a momentous happening for me!!"
Penny, Congresbury

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for another good term and especially the wonderful class today. We all came away totally destressed - long may it last."
Sylvia, Rickford

"I just thought I'd let you know that even though I didn't feel much when we were doing the postures today when I ran 4.5 miles this afternoon I hardly felt any discomfort in my hamstring - it was much easier than the same distance on Monday. Thanks for another great class."
Teresa (Pilates Teacher and Runner), Bishop Sutton

"I believe the view of Blagdon Lake combined with the comfort of the room together with Nick's personality all helps to create the perfect environment for Yoga practice. Every class is different with each person working within their own capabilities. Practice can be hard and demanding but always ending with a wonderful sense of achievement resulting for me in greater strength and flexability."
Pam, Nailsea

"We liked your style of yoga, your sympathetic teaching and also the welcome that we received from everyone."
Jane, Nempnett Thrubwell

"I joined Nick's yoga class to combat stiffening joints and to regain some lost flexibilty, I am happy to say that yoga works for me. The class is fun and the other students are a good crowd."
Dietrich, Ubley

"Thank you very much from both Neil and I for a very comprehensive and useful introduction to Iyengar yoga."
Gowri & Neil, Taunton

"After each class I feel satisfaction and feel as though I have progressed. We work on improving every posture from the foundation but there is also the opportunity to try more advanced variations so it can be as challenging as you want it to be. Nick gives clear instruction and guidance throughout the class. I always look forward to going and his classes have noticeably improved my strength since having a baby a year ago"
Kate, Bishop Sutton

"For me Nicks yoga classes have kept the ageing process at bay. No matter how tired or despondent I might feel before the class afterwards I am so glad I made the effort and commitment. My previously aching body is renewed with vigour and imbued with a sense of calm and peace. Having little willpower to practice on my own I rely very heavily on Nicks class every week."
Lynda, Butcombe


Class Costs

  • Group classes in Yeo Valley HQ are one and a half hours long and cost:

    £8 per class if the whole Autumn term is booked in advance
    - Cost for September to December 2018 term (15 classes) is £120

    £9 per class if a half term is booked in advance
    - Cost for September to October 2018 half term (8 classes) is £70
    - Cost for November to December 2018 half term (7 classes) is £63

    £10 per class otherwise.

    For people on low incomes, I offer a £6 per class rate if classes are booked in advance. Please don't be offended if I ask for documentary evidence of income.


  • There are three ways of paying for classes.

    It is really helpful to me if you could use the first method (Online Bank Payment), as this saves admin and having to deal with money during the class.


    Online Bank Payment

    Please use the following:


    If you are paying for a term or half term at the standard rates given in CLASS COSTS and you enter your name as a reference I do not need any more details.  If you are unable to enter your name, are paying for specific dates or for any other custom amount, please email me when you make the payment to let me know what the payment is for. Many thanks!


    Cheque Payment

    For those who need to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to “Life Long Ltd” and send to:
    Nick Long
    Little Court
    Grib Lane
    North Somerset BS40 7SA.



    Payment can be made at the class.  Please pay at the beginning so that the clear minds at the end of class are not disturbed.